Worship 4 today pt 3 consolidating and expanding horizons

In particular, the authors think that in the near future, medicine will recognize that its progress will involve going through these fields.

Each one of us, at some point in life, may have experienced the situation of a beloved person in difficulty, maybe affected by a severe disease.

The authors engaged in gathering information found in a logical and orderly way so that readers can draw their own conclusions.

There are arguments against and in favor of the existence of unexplored human potential, consistent with the events of healing from a distance.

This is an intriguing phenomenon, because the components of the easy route described above are not in play.

For a long time, the authors have had an interest in broader healing concepts than those of conventional biology and medicine.

What has inspired the authors is the occasional observation of some health outcomes that do not follow an expected pattern.

In such moments, we feel helpless and feel the need to share with this person our deepest resources.

Our cultural background may determine whether this attitude will assume the format of a prayer or a secular engagement in sending to this person our best intentions.

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