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Police said that Pippen was in the home and told them that he “was upset” and broke his cell phone in frustration.TMZ is also reporting that Larsa had a “cozy” relationship with rapper Future.Another source close to Larsa denied that she was cheating on Pippen with Future, saying they “are friends.” On February 8, TMZ reported that the couple have started working things out and have stayed in touch since Pippen filed for divorce.They started getting friendlier as they worked out business related to the care of their children.As her mother, best friend, and mentor the best thing I can do is lead by example.” Larsa and Pippen are also parents to sons Scotty Jr., Justin and Preston.The 41-year-old Larsa is a Chicago native, according to her website.“I encourage her to pursue her dreams and stay true to herself,” Larsa told TBot Aficianado (via Black Celeb Kids).

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A doctor told her that something was found in her left breast.

It’s not clear what the reasons for the split were.

They appeared together on September 8 at New York Fashion Week to support their 7-year-old daughter Sophia’s modelling career. TMZ later reported that Pippen wants to sent Larsa child support, but that dollar amount hasn’t been determined.

However, TMZ’s sources say that this was revenge for Pippen “openly flirting with an actress” last summer.

Sources for Us Weekly backed the TMZ report that Larsa had some kind of relationship with the 32-year-old Future.

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