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Going slowly from the tip all the way down to the base and then back to the top.Watching my cock slide in and out of her wet warm box is still in my brain.Trya looks really hot when she turns her head back to look at you. She made sure to squeeze her kegels and milk me dry before cleaning me up.There was still some time on the clock so we laid down and tried to talk to each other.What a bod, slim and tight with a great ass and hips. Tyra is comer, treat her right and don't scare her off, be nice to have this one around. When the door opened, I was greet by a pretty K-girl. I loved her personality and she is very willing to please. I may not lucky or she tierd to provide me another round. I not repeat as many other k-dolls out provide better than this. Pretty sure she's done this before, seemed like a pro.She does have pretty hard bolt ons but great nipples! She tells me she's full Korean but looks a little mixed. Top notch As usual photos are slightly photoshopped but Tyra looks hot and the third pic best represent her. Service wise, she is new and still learning but her energy and attitude is awesome. Standard menu on offer and then some, must be the tip doing the trick.I tried to schedule Cara but she wasn't available for the time I needed so now was a good chance for me to see the new girl Tyra. I passed the smell test and after removing our clothes she immediately dropped to her knees and started licking my balls.

) I normally like 1 long pop, but she managed to drag out 2pops and a massage with no hesitation on the 2nd pop.

She has so much energy and enthusiasm it was fun watching her try to wake the dead.

Sadly it was not going to happen but I give her a 10 for trying.

I decided to turn her around and try out the view in doggy.

Her ass is not as nice as Cara but still enough there to hold onto.

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