Infrared wireless port when updating a pda

It should still be possible to write an opl code for a flash wifi modem but that would only be the start of your troubles.

I once rigged it to a hospital broadband via a canon of various modems but that was back in 02 when web pages still displayed in a rudimentary fasion. It went into meltdown when I tried to hack the mic to use as a skype on the service. I knew it would work when I first tested it with a 1gb then a 4gb cf.

I then bought another 5mx a few years later that now needs a new ribbon.

I could always type faster on the 5mx than I am now on my i Pad :) Thinking of repairing it even now - then I'll have a good 5mx and a net Book :) good to see there is still interest in the old psions. I migrated to a series of nokia communicators ,9210.9210i,9500 9310i. Maybe somebody/company hears the cry and produces some thing special with say ubuntu or such.

Manufacturer's descrption at launch (March 2006): "The features you have been waiting for are now available- in the Hp 620LX.

This PDA has an advanced 640 x 240 color screen with backlighting.

All of your personal information is at your fingertips with the calendar, task list, and a contact database.

Only type 1 PC cards are supported, and special drivers for Windows CE are required.

Simply hold it in front of infrared equipped laser printers and you can print any document.

Slide it into the cradle and you can easily synchronize all your PDA with your PC, and update all your files.

Good ones can be had for about £80 each on e Bay and they hold their value well. Last week I interviewed someone at a cloud tech company. It might even be my favourite, more so than the 5mx. I use Linux so I can't help out with the details at the Mac end, but here are my notes for the Psion end of the Ir DA connection: # You can use this straight away from a Psion 3mx that's just had new batteries put in, no other software: # 1. For binary data I found I could send to the Psion this way (using X/YMODEM) but not receive binary from it - I use the freely available NFSC. I changed the flexi cable recently so I think it will be ready for work for many more years.

These machines were loved by journalists, writers, and even soldiers on the front line. Then the world moved on to tablets and smartphones with touchscreens, and Psion bowed out of the consumer PDA market in 2001. I keep all my contacts and important information on it. In the space of 20 minutes I wrote 760 words on the Psion, after which we spent another 5 minutes discussing it. Unfortunately these things aren't getting any younger (like their owner! The keyboard retaining clip on one of mine has snapped. But the CF option of the latter makes data transfer easier these days. Do Psion-J a few times to install all the built-in programs that aren't installed, including Comms and Script. Last year also bought a second 5mx, a Pro version with keyboard in spanish, so now I have a spare machine just in case.

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