Hypnotic dating

The theory is based on polarity: when the human brain is exposed to a sequence of when talking to women – just think how much girls love drama! This sort of behavior keeps her on her toes and will drive her crazy (in a good way)!

In other words, don’t express that you are into her right away.

Results are in, he got more hits in the first day of this experiment than his first month.

He is getting private messages, chat messages, and of course they all want to see a picture but now they get to know him before he sends the photos.

To have modern, romantic (erotic) poems to share with women about whom I care is wonderful.

The fact that they are designed to be used in specific situations and for specific outcomes is a real plus.

This bond encourages her to open up to you, which is vital to the second step.

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As first he argued that photos get more hits but he did it anyway.

I see nothing wrong with doing that but the man who allows Mr.

Billitz to become Cyrano to his Christian will eventually be found out when he must put into words what he cannot because he has not immersed himself deeply enough within himself to discover the simple yet profound "poetry" of his own feelings. We don't have to be Pablo Neruda or Gabriel Garcia Marquez but only a man who looks at a woman and sees something that no other man has or could.

Mark Yakich, a professor at Loyola University who teaches creative writing, wrote in the Atlantic, "A poem helps the mind play with its well-trod patterns of thought, and can even help reroute those patterns by making us see the familiar anew."I've no doubt many of these poems can be as effective as a Sinatra album in a candlelit room to stir the embers of passion that might be lying dormant in a woman's mind.

But do they have the power to help a man see a woman differently--that is, in a way that"reroutes old patterns"?

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