How long nelly and ashanti dating

It was tragic.” Watching artists like Fergie and Rihanna fill her void was hard: “I’d hear a song on the radio and wish mine was next.

But I respect a lot of the artists who’ve come along since I was out, especially Rihanna.

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Shantel Jackson, Floyd Mayweather's ex, who's been with Nelly since at least 2014 -- posted a pic of herself and the rapper snuggling, and captioned it with their signs ... She obviously wants folks to know all is good between them 3 days after TMZ broke the story Nelly was arrested and accused of raping a woman on his tour bus. the accuser claims Nelly didn't use a condom when he assaulted her.

She’s smart and she’s worked the business instead of having the business work her.” Back in action now, Ashanti is even more driven, and not just with career.

Having two children with her boyfriend and fellow artist Nelly, she says thoughts are turning to marriage.

As expected, the sista covered the basics; her latest CD, what she thinks of todays top female artists, and most curiously, her wedding plans to Nelly, who the magazine refers to as the father of her two children: “With 14 hits, 65 awards and finally a comeback after a long career shutout, the singer shares that what she really wants is a husband and kids to go home to.

Discovered at age 14 by Sean “Diddy” Combs, it took her three failed record deals before landing with Murder, Inc.

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