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However, a new Workplace Options and Public Policy Polling survey of American workers shows that for millennials, workplace relationships are nothing to shy away from.

The poll results, released today by Workplace Options, a leading global provider of work-life programs and employee benefits, show that 71 percent of employed millennials (aged 18-29) see a workplace romance as having positive effects such as improved performance and morale.

Forty percent of millennials said they would date their supervisor, compared to 12 percent of older respondents.

Relationships between co-workers of similar stature are one thing, but relationships between supervisors and direct reports can be dangerous,” added Debnam.

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I'm at a comedy club in New York City, watching 50-year-old Janeane Garofalo do a bit about Millennials versus Gen X: "This generation says yes to life, which I don't do. (Heck, it's not even true for deliciously cranky Janeane; here she is out doing comedy on a MONDAY night to a sold-out house.

"So I guess I'm part of the problem," he says with a laugh.

While 40 percent of millennials report no negative effects whatsoever from an office romance, only 10 percent of older workers shared that sentiment, meaning the majority of employed Americans feel more harm could be done than good.Many of my peers are taking a pause in their 40s to consider their "part two"— after 20 years of working hard in a career, or having their career paths upended (see ya, print journalism), maybe it's time to launch a new life? "Gen X is still the most diverse generation, with people who are on both sides of a lot of different issues.They can be a swing vote in the next [presidential] election," says Novak."As a result, Gen X tends to be outside the more vocal issues that show up during elections." Even though, for the first time, several members of Gen X are running for president. For me, that meant getting back to what I love the most: telling stories.We're in charge—we're just not terribly noisy about it. In 2013, after two decades in publishing, I decided to start my own website called Tue and share the stories of Gen-X women, those of us in the puberty of old age, every Tuesday Night.Poll results show that: “One of the most interesting pieces of information that came from this survey was that 34 percent of workers said they didn’t know if their company had policies governing romantic relationships in the workplace,” said Dean Debnam, chief executive officer of Workplace Options.“Human beings are going to interact and these relationships are going to happen, but it is essential that companies have clear policies in place that outline what is acceptable and what is not so that there are no perceptions of inequality, favoritism or an imbalance of power.” Poll results indicate that, as a group, the millennial generation is more open to dating their supervisors than all other age groups combined.Once dubbed slackers, we persevered through a major recession and helped to create and run this digital world.Taylor suggests were ably prepared to figure out our next move."From the data I see, 'Xers aren't a 'woe is me' generation; they're not whiners," he says. We remember the days of pay phones, snail mail, making mix cassette tapes. I am As a 48-year-old, card-carrying member of the group called Generation X—typically defined as those born between 19— I'm sensitive to stereotypes that we're somehow tired and already "over" as we hit midlife.I hardly call that irrelevant or slacking.)Another comedian, Amy Schumer, has lampooned the ageism insanity in her short "Last F**kable Day," which enlisted Tina Fey, Patricia Arquette, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus as actresses celebrating their expiration date. We may sport an occasional streak of gray, a few wrinkles, a penchant for '80s New Wave (who doesn't) and complain about the occasional aching knee. In fact, we're running companies (Sheryl Sandberg), writing and directing our own TV shows (Tina Fey or Shonda Rhimes), and even First Ladies in the White House (Michelle Obama). A study by the Kauffman Foundation found that people over 55 are almost twice as likely to launch high-growth start-ups as those aged 20 to 34. My own 40- and 50-something friends are a dynamic and diverse group of women.

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