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The easiest way to travel around the island is to rent a car.Driving here is easy enough, and having a rental gives you the flexibility of going where you want, when you want.Note that the maps on the wall in the AMA terminal in Old San Juan, as well as the signs on the bus stops (paradas), say B21 for this route (even though B21 no longer exists).C45 or T45 runs from Iturregui stop along Los Angeles Avenue to Isla Verde through Piñones to Loíza. C53 or T53 starts at Old San Juan, goes to the PR Convention Center, heads to Condado and Ocean Park Calle Loíza, then onto to Isla Verde via Isla Verde Avenue, and then returns.The bus stops are called , they have posted signs that indicate which buses stop there, and the supposed time schedule. When the bus is coming, flag the driver down, so he knows to stop for you.Before getting in any bus, double-check (by asking the driver) that you’re getting onto the right bus for where you want to go. You can always check our Facebook page, where we've been posting new info as we find it. then we haven't heard about the given attraction, place, or tour.

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There is a DTOP-AMA web site with an "interactive trip-planning" route map — but it doesn’t work, so we’re not going to say more about it until it does.That’s why we scanned the printed AMA bus route map, which you can find toward the bottom of this article.The bus system is a series of different routes that go around the major areas of San Juan. The buses are not immune to the traffic jams, so they arrive when they arrive.Post-MARIA Update (Friday, 16 February 2018) WOO-HOO ... We hope to get back into the swing of writing new articles for this site soon. We are attempting to update articles on our site to indicate the state of a given attraction, place, or tour. Starting 31 August 2015, the AMA bus routes 4, 8, 17, 19, 29, 30, 46, 50, and 52 will be eliminated. AMA to Cancel Routes and Reduce Service Hours Starting 01 August 2015, the AMA bus routes 10, 11, 16, 22 and 40 will be eliminated.If you don’t want to rent a car, the next best option is taking taxis around the metro area.They are faster and easier, but also more expensive in the long run.Public transportation (bus, train, and publico) is the final, and least expensive, option.From what I have seen and heard, the public transportation system here has lots of inconveniences … We realize that not everyone has the option of renting a car or taking taxis.Additionally, starting 31 August 2015, the new operating hours for the AMA buses will be Monday through Friday from 5am to 9pm, and Saturday and holidays from 6am to 8pm.On Sundays, only the E40 and T3 bus routes will operate.

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