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Figure 54 – Axial image of a CT scan of the brain performed without intravenous contrast shows large, bilateral, low density extraxial fluid collections that are subdural hematomas.

In the frontal aspect of the left chronic subdural hematoma a linear focus of high density is seen and this represents an area of acute subdural hematoma within the chronic subdural hematoma.

The team also noted that under good constant supervision, which this infant needed because of her age, any significant trauma would be observed by a caretaker.

As there is no disclosure of any incident there was a concern for non-accidental head trauma.

Three days later she began to have emesis again and her mother noticed her crossing her eyes.

She was again seen by her local health care provider who noticed a large fontanelle.

Figure 55 – Axial T1 (left), T2 (center) and FLAIR (right) weighted images from an MRI scan of the brain performed without intravenous contrast obtained at the same level as the previously performed CT scan of the brain better demonstrates the large, bilateral chronic subdural hematomas with the linear focus of acute subdural hematoma in the frontal aspect of the left chronic subdural hematoma.

Note the appearance of the signal intensity of the CSF in the patient’s normal subarachnoid space on the T1, T2 and FLAIR weighted images which are the same signal intensity as the CSF in the ventricular system.

The work-up included an ophthalmological examination and skeletal surveys (one on admission and a second skeletal survey 2 weeks later) that were normal.

She was seen by a local health care provider who admitted her locally.

She improved with intravenous fluid by the next day and was discharged home.

All other cranial nerves were intact except the sixth nerve as noted.

The laboratory evaluation included complete blood count, liver and pancreatic function tests, chemistries, and coagulation studies including von Willibrand factor were normal.

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