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As an example, this old picture shows 4 generations of a family, gathered to celebrate the 80th birthday of the family patriarch.The scenes are surprisingly similar around for example Chinese New Year up until today. So while dating a local woman is not impossible, the foreign male should remember that he is out on uncharted territory. There is a relatively high prevalence of interracial marriages and dating when compared to other countries, and this is partially down to a combination of availability, culture and society.According to Professor Saw Swee-Hock's research into population dynamics in Singapore, about 20% (or 4,928) of marriages in 2010 were interracial.I can't find any statistics or survey data around dating but from personal experience and observation, I've seen a lot of interracial couples (as well as ones that didn't work out because of race and other factors), and many have gone on to get married, my older brother being amongst these.1.Availability Singapore is made up of several population subgroups, primarily classifiable as Chinese, Malay, Indian and European/Eurasian/Others.Culture Culture is what turns availability into opportunity.In Singapore, most youngsters are brought up in a fairly uniform schooling system, experience mostly the same sort of childhood (in terms of places, people, entertainment, food) as there is a lack of significant regionalism and a large amount of standardisation in Singapore.

even as simple as people suggesting that mixed race babies look cuter), there is a conducive environment to go ahead and date and eventually marry someone of another race.

Today, the Singapore society at large bothers little about cross-cultural relations and interracial marriages, being currently more concerned with its falling birth-rates since 2004 (see Washington Post and the Singapore Window). So eventually you will be dating the whole family whether you like – or know – it, or not.

Yet local to non-local relations still make interesting topics and a couple is still looked upon, observed and commented on – even by people who hardly know you. Sarong Party Girls (SPGs) The collectivism leads to another aspect of cross-cultural dating, its social implications.

The conversation went like: Coffee Lady: Sir, where you from? Some Swedes I have interviewed for my research were well aware of the concept of SPGs.

Swede: Sweden (*one raised eyebrow*) Coffee Lady: You how old? This is a loose expression for a local woman who would consider dating a foreigner in much the same way as a western girl would i.e.

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