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In 1633, Mataram abandoned the Javanese dating system for Islamic Era dates. So did the aura of the "old imperial crown of Majapahit," from whose Hindu ...

Has anyone else seen Auras around people and objects even your own self? Let me explain when I was younger me and my friend was in the dark trying to see what we could see and my friend held their hand out in front of my face and I saw their hand but it had an orange glow around it, but one day that stopped happening for reasons unknown... I do not have to see auras to know someone is a complete and utter moron!!!!!!

Fortunately the mortal races are not left unprotected, as every once in a while the spiritual energy of Gaia will bleed through and select a mortal to become a magical warrior called an Envoy of Gaia.

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evrything has an aura, wether it be human, animal rock or... While there we were given a talk about what it was like to be behind... When I first started to be able to see auras, my aura was a bright electric blue.

You can download it here, and it is now available on Steam.

The game is set in the world of Azuria, which is split into three planes of existence.

Mingle2 is full of hot Aura girls waiting to hear from you. About me I am a great person who had no idea she'd be here - on a dating site - at this stage of her life!

Life throws you curves (or as the Philly fan in me likes to say "curve balls") and you...

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