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I had a bunch of food allergies and everything was making me sick so that I almost stopped eating altogether.

When my mom remarried and moved to europe I moved in with my aunt and her daughter (my cousin...

She and one of her girlfriends agreed to wrestle each other just for me to watch.

The attire was a bit different meaning that they wore either leotards or one-piece swimsuits, and sandals, flats, slippers...

I was sent plane tickets, hotel room reservations, car rental and...

I love to wrestle other women plus I love to watch as well.The reason for the argument really isn't important, but I found my self arguing with a young gymnast and her mother. This wrestling match was in Greece, I had been invited to take part in two fights that were to end with the loser being smothered out.What I didn't know was just how many wrestlers were going to be there.I’d like to share with you the reasons why I like it.The first time I ever got turned on by the thought of an aggressive, sexy woman was when I was about 10 years old. When I was a young boy in the 60s, I watched a women's pro wrestling match on TV between an attractive, well-built blonde and her equally attractive, well-built brunette opponent.He said she’d always wanted to see him wrestle another guy and beat him.I went to their house and we both got into Speedos and his wife wore a white thong backed bikini & she was pretty hot too. When I was in my teens I playfully wrestled with my friend's mom several times.One of the first experiences that I had was, I think typical, Wrestling a much more experienced woman who was also an aggressive...I once wrested a guy at his request in front of his wife.The blonde, in a fantastic acrobatic move, jumped up, locked her legs around the brunette's head...Two middle-aged housewives, while sitting together side by side on the floor and watching TV, once saw the men's olympic wrestling contests.

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